Non-immigrant Visas

If you are not a U.S. citizen or immigrant, you will need a non-immigrant or student visa to study at MCTC. There are specific visa statuses that do not allow you to attend post-secondary school in the United States. The following information is to help you understand those restrictions and to explain how to change your visa status if your current visa allows it.

Change of Status Requirements

  • If you do not currently hold an F1 Visa and wish to change your status to F1, please review our Change of Status (COS) Section on the main International Student Admissions page.
  • The Department of Homeland Security also provides specific information on change of status
  • To request a change of status to F-1 student status while you are in the United States, file Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status with USCIS and pay the $370 filing fee. Visit the USCIS website for instructions on filing Form I-539

Visa Types

We encourage you to check your visa type and review its restrictions, including permitted reasons for travel, such as study. Visit the U.S. Visas website and select the ‘Nonimmigrant Visa Categories’ drop-down list for a directory of visa categories

B-1 or B-2 status change to F-1 student status

If you are changing status from B-1 or B-2 to F-1 student status, refrain from enrolling in or beginning your studies until USCIS has approved your change of status. The regulations, at 8 CFR 214.2(b)(7), specifically prohibit study in the United States while B-1 or B-2 status. If USCIS has not adjudicated your change of status at least 15 days before the program start date on your Form I-20, contact a Designated School Official (DSO), you may need to defer attendance. If USCIS denies your application, be prepared to leave the United States when your status expires.

Next Steps

While waiting for notice of approval or receipt of submission, complete these steps:

Attend an Advising and Registration Session to register for classes
Sign up to attend a New Student Advising and Registration Session. These sessions include a welcome to MCTC, advising and the chance to register for your first semester classes. You may attend the session, however if you have not received the approval notice (Form I-797A, Notice of Action), you should not register for classes. View upcoming Advising and Registration Sessions

International Student Orientation
First year students need to attend the International Student Orientation. You will receive additional information via email.

Medical Insurance
MCTC international students are responsible for paying for health insurance while studying in the United States. Refer to the letter sent to you from MCTC for additional information.

Approval Notification

A copy of the SEVIS Notice of Action for receipt of application (I-797C) and a copy of the SEVIS Notice of Action approval notification (I-797A) should be provided upon receipt to the MCTC International Student Services office.

Contact Us

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