Why Minneapolis College?

  • Award-winning faculty
  • Affordable tuition
  • Online courses and degree completion
  • Flexible face-to-face course scheduling

More Than Just an Education, a Community.

Minneapolis College is a high-quality, affordable place to get an education where award-winning faculty help you thrive.

It’s a place to find an online flexible course or program to fit your needs. It’s also a welcoming and supportive place to make memories, realize potential and BE YOURSELF. 

Immediate Resources:

Your Next Steps

  1. Complete the college placement Accuplacer test (free)
  2. Register for classes
  3. Determine/apply for your financial aid

Need Your GED?

The College does not offer GED services. But we encourage you to visit the following resources to find locations in the community offering free courses and preparation to help you complete an adult diploma or GED (General Educational Development) diploma.

Many places also offer free courses in ESL––English as a Second Language, workforce development and more. Once you have completed your high school diploma or GED, you are eligible to apply for admission to Minneapolis College.

In Minneapolis, services are available through Minneapolis Public Schools at Minneapolis Adult Education: