President's Council

President Sharon Pierce

Dr. Sharon Pierce is leading the efforts at Minneapolis College to provide transformative student experiences. Sharon, who began serving as president in July 2016, embodies the institution’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Sharon guides the President's Council in making important decisions and setting the strategic direction of the College with input from stakeholders on and off campus. She can be seen frequently around campus sporting Minneapolis College’s colors and engaging with students, staff and faculty. 

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Chief of Staff & Chief Communications Officer Deanna Sheely

In her dual role as Chief of Staff and Chief Communications Officer at Minneapolis College, Deanna’s experience achieving organizational alignment and creating effective marketing and communication strategies enhances awareness about the institution’s mission to provide access to the transformative power of education. Deanna works closely with the President’s Council to strategize and implement the College’s initiatives with a focus on continuous improvement.

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Vice President Chief Academic Officer Gail O'Kane

Dr. Gail O'Kane worked for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system from 2005 to 2011. She went on to serve Minneapolis College as associate vice president for strategy, planning and accountability from 2011 to 2013, and served as interim president of Rochester Community and Technical College from 2013–2014 before returning to Minneapolis College.

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Vice President of Student Affairs Patrick Troup

As Vice President of Student Affairs, Patrick’s vision, leadership and strategic direction guide nearly all the out-of-classroom experiences for Minneapolis College students. His team is responsible for students’ interactions with the College beginning the day they apply and continue until the day their name appears in a commencement program. This includes admissions, financial aid, registration, student life, accessibility resources, academic advising, career and job placement and many programs that create a foundation for student success.

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Vice President of Finance and Operations Chris Rau

Since 2015 when he began leading the Minneapolis College’s finance and operations areas, Chris Rau has helped drastically improve the institution’s fund balance and overall financial position.

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Chief Information Officer Tiffni Deeb

Since Tiffni began serving Minneapolis College as Chief Information Officer in 2013, her focus has been on developing a team of specialized Information Technology experts who provide effective solutions, excellent customer service and proactive support for students and employees amidst constantly changing systems and needs.

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Chief Human Resources Officer Dianna Cusick

As Chief Human Resources Officer, Dianna Cusick is responsible for developing and executing human resources strategies at Minneapolis College. Her leadership has paved the way for high integrity and innovation in talent management, employee engagement, change management, organizational development, performance management and labor relations.

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College Diversity Officer Jay Williams

Under Dr. Jay Williams’ leadership, Minneapolis College’s Equity and Inclusion Division is transforming the institution’s approach to equity work. Dr. Jay (typically seen sporting a black hat) is guiding the College’s efforts to embed equity consciousness into its practices, procedures, policies and planning. His cultural fluency training programs and Sociology and Anthropology courses provide a valuable pipeline into insights from students and employees that inform this work.

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Associate Vice President of Academic Operations and Institutional Effectiveness Tom Williamson

Over the past five years, Tom Williamson has been instrumental in advising strategic changes in academic programming to help Minneapolis College continuously improve its ability to meet students’ needs. 

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