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Advising and Registration Sessions

MCTC holds Advising and Registration Sessions to help you connect with the campus community and learn more about earning your degree. At this session you will meet with your academic advisor to create a plan and register for your first semester of classes.

What to do before your session

New Students

During new student advising and registration, you will start in a general session with orientation staff and then break into small groups with your assigned advisor. In your small group, you will learn about your program, as well as register for your first semester of coursework. The advising and registration session lasts three hours.

By participating in the advising and registration session, we also hope you build connections and a sense of belonging at MCTC. The College offers a number of resources and student life opportunities for you to work as part of a team, build leadership skills and have fun.

Upcoming Sessions for New Students

Transfer Students

As a transfer student you can choose to fill out the Transfer Orientation Worksheet instead of attending an Advising and Registration Session.

We do welcome you to join us for an Advising and Registration Session if you'd like to attend! You'll have the opportunity to work with your academic advisor to review the courses you have taken previously and to build a schedule for your major. You will learn about your program, as well as register for your first semester of coursework. Transfer student advising and registration sessions last two hours. Please be sure to submit your official transcripts from previous schools at least two weeks before the registration session and pay your application fee.

Visiting, International, Power of YOU, PSEO, and Former MCTC Students

If you have attended MCTC before, after reapplying to the college, make an appointment to meet with your assigned academic advisor to select classes. If you need help with getting started again at MCTC, the Admissions office would be happy to help.

International students, Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) students and Power of YOU students––you will get information about orientation or induction sessions in your acceptance letter.

If you are a visiting student, you can follow the visiting student admission process and select classes through eServices.

Accessibility Resources

To request disability-related accommodations to make this event accessible, please contact the MCTC Accessibility Resource Center at 612-659-6730 or email accessibility@minneapolis.edu.


If you have any questions or if you need to reschedule, we are here to help you. Stop by the Student Services Center (T.2200) with any questions regarding your admission, registration or financial aid. You can also send us a question or call 612-659-6282.