Undecided on a Major? Explore Now!

Are you undecided on a major? Or, are you wondering if you are on the right career path? It is difficult to choose a career path before learning more about yourself or a particular profession. Choosing a major/career path involves a series of steps and processes with the end goal of making a confident decision that aligns with your talents, values, and interests.

The Minneapolis College Interest Assessment Tool will help you explore potential majors/programs at Minneapolis College and their corresponding school areas. To start, read each statement and select ‘Yes’ for the activities you like or ‘No’ for the activities you dislike; then, click ‘Submit’ to view your results. Your potential interest code will be displayed, along with possible Minneapolis College programs that may interest you.

Please, keep in mind this is a starting point in exploring or confirming your interest areas. Prospective students should visit Educational-Opportunity-Center and current students should visit Career-Services for in-depth career exploration.