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Educational Opportunity Center

MN Education Opportunity Center EOC is a FREE educational outreach program helping eligible adults in Minnesota Metro Area pursue college education and/or training. EOC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Title IV, TRIO programs.

Through EOC you can:

Contact us

  • Main number: 612-659-6543
  • Fax number: 612-659-6544
Name Office Phone
Janet Tauer T.2706 612-659-6538
Director of Educational Opportunity Center
 Anna Gusovsky T.2704 612-659-6526
Educational Opportunity Center Advisor
Debra Jordan T.2708 612-659-6540
Educational Opportunity Center Advisor
Der Yang T.2707
Educational Opportunity Center Advisor
Kristina Wagner Off Campus 651-779-5656
Educational Opportunity Center Advisor
Lindsey Towler T.2700 612-659-6535
Educational Opportunity Center Program Coordinator
Nardos Senbeta T.2702 612-659-6536
Educational Opportunity Center Advisor
Tou Lee Off Campus 651-744-1643
Educational Opportunity Center Advisor

Tyler La Roue

Tyler La Roue

Following the tragic events that marked Sept. 11, 2001, it was an honor for Tyler La Roue to defend the United States through eight years of service in the Air Force. Now pursuing a college degree, he found the support he needed to succeed in his educational goals through the Veterans Upward Bound program at MCTC.

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Tim Moore, Veteran and Scholar

Our Voices: Tim Moore, MCTC alum

Iraq War veteran Tim Moore found support, encouragement and understanding in MCTC's Veterans Upward Bound program.

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Veterans Upward Bound

TRiO Veterans Upward Bound Video

Veterans Upward Bound has helped hundreds of veterans successfully complete college and build careers in their chosen fields.

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