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Paying for College

Making Your Payment


This section provides information on how to pay a balance owed MCTC. Additional related information about the payment policy can be found here.

Application Fee

Your application to MCTC is not complete until you have paid the $20 application fee. Pay the $20 application fee online, in person, or by mail.
Invoice for Tuition, Fees and other Balances 

Your invoice for tuition, fees and other balances owed to MCTC is online in eServices. Log in to eServices and click on the “Bills and Payments” link. It is important you review this information in eServices; a paper copy will not be mailed to you.

Understanding College Costs 

Reviewing your online invoice and fully understanding the college costs resulting from your enrollment decisions is important to your success. To increase your understanding, review the applicable financial dates, policies and procedures each term to ensure that you agree to the terms of your enrollment. This knowledge and accountability is an integral part of being a college student and accepting responsibility for these choices is part of the college experience. The student finance brochure outlines many of these policies and procedures.

When you pay online, you can make full or partial payments using DiscoverCard, MasterCard or Visa. You may also pay by electronic debit to your checking or savings account. Reminder, tuition is due before classes start. However, you are allowed to secure your registration with a 15% down payment and pay-as-you-attend. A $30 Payment Plan fee will be added to your balance if you choose payment option. Additionally, a $30 Late Fee is added to unpaid balances at the mid-point of the term.

How to Pay Online

  1. Log in to eServices
  2. Click on “Bills and Payments"

You can make a payment on your bill at the Student Service Center (T.2200). An after-hours drop box is available.

The address to make a payment by mail is:
Business Services, T.2200
Minneapolis Community and Technical College
1501 Hennepin Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Contact Business Services with questions or to resolve problems with billings or payments by visiting T.2200, calling 612-659-6880, or contacting us online.

MCTC contracts with a third-party tuition management company to administer automated payment plans for students. These FACTS tuition and book payment plans are offered each term through Nelnet. To set up a payment plan for tuition and fees, enroll online in eServices. Visit the bookstore for information on book payment plans.

Note: Payment plans must be completed by the end of each term and are not available for past due balances. Additional information regarding Nelnet’s FACTS.

Tuition and fees are due 15 days prior to the start of each term. However, MCTC’s payment policy allows students to defer this date and secure their registrations by paying 15% of tuition and fees or $300 (whichever is less). This allows you more time to finish your payment arrangements – including the option of paying-as-you-attend.

There are additional fees to using this option. A one-time $30 Payment Plan Fee is added to your record if you carry a balance after the Last Day to Add/Drop courses (5th day of the term). Additionally, a one-time $30 Late Fee is added to your record if you carry a balance beyond the mid-point of the term.

If you choose this payment option, it is your responsibility to track your record online and ensure that your balance is paid in full by the end of the term. A business office hold will remain on your record until you have completed your payments. You may not receive an official transcript or register for more courses while this hold is enforced.

Your financial aid application secures your registration and meets the payment policy. However, there are several steps to ensuring that your financial aid application is fully processed so that balances owed the college are paid in full. These steps are out-lined in the attached brochure Stay on top of your Financial Aid and College Costs. Additional information is available for students on the intranet and at the Financial Aid Office (T.2200).

If your tuition, fees and other college costs are billed to an outside organization, the process is called Third Party Billing. If you qualify for this funding, MCTC agrees to defer the due date and invoice a third party for your covered college costs. Additionally, you may use scholarships to pay the college. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure Business Services is notified of your payment plans by the tuition due date each term.

Eligible students may request a deferment of the tuition due date to allow time to process military benefits. If you intend to use military benefits to pay for your education, we encourage you to confirm your arrangements with Business Services each term by the tuition due date.

As a member of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), MCTC is governed by applicable State Statutes and policies. Any unpaid balance to MCTC falls under MN State Statute 16.D which states that unpaid balances shall be referred to MN Department of Revenue for collections after 120 days. If you owe the college a past due balance after the end of a term, it is eligible for collections.

A business office hold is placed on all past due balances and is removed when the college receives payment-in-full. This hold prevents you from obtaining an official transcript or registering for more classes. Additionally, this hold can interrupt your educational goals at any MnSCU institution.

If your balance has been placed with the MN Department of Revenue for collections, you should contact them to make payment arrangements.

MN Department of Revenue Collections (651) 556-3003

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