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Destination: Diploma to Degree (D3)

Destination: Diploma to Degree (D3)

If you are behind in credits or have dropped out of high school all together, college may seem impossible––but it’s not!

With MCTC’s Destination: Diploma to Degree (D3) program, we can help you define your career pathway and work towards an associates degree for free while getting your high school diploma.

Community and Support

As a D3 scholar, you will still be part of your high school, but you will also become a college student and member of the MCTC community. You will meet D3 scholars from your school and other high schools and we encourage you to join one of our many student clubs, activities and intramural sports.

Our friendly staff will join with your high school to carefully advise and support you in being successful in finishing your diploma and ultimately your college degree. On both campuses, you will find dedicated people who will help you balance your responsibilities, navigate the MCTC campus and find your place in the college community.

Programs of Study and Plan of Action

After you pick your major at Minneapolis College, your counselor will develop your schedule so every class you take will bring you closer to earning your high school diploma and your college degree:

When you finish high school you will become a full-time MCTC student and be eligible to apply to the MCTC Power of YOU program so you can continue to earn free college credits and complete your degree.


To apply to become a D3 scholar you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You are 15-20 years old
  • You are enrolled in an approved ALC: American Indian OIC; Broadway High School; Loring Nicollet Alternative School; Menlo Park Academy; MERC Alternative High School; Tatanka Academy; VOA High School; Edison High School (school within a school only); Wellstone High School (school within a school only); Henry High School (school within a school); Highview ALC; Brooklyn Center ALC; Metro Heights Academy; Mounds View ALC; Mounds View Adult Education; PYC Arts and Tech High School
  • You have not used up your PSEO eligibility at another school
  • You have standardized test scores that support your college entrance
  • You have a passion for one of the majors and career pathways we offer


If you are interested in this program, please fill out the following forms with your high school counselor:

Contact us

If you have questions about MCTC’s Destination: Diploma to Degree (D3) program, please contact the D3 Coordinator/Advisor:

Namibia Little
D3 Coordinator/Advisor


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