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MCTC Faculty & Staff

For Concurrent Enrollment -

Mentor-liasons have three important roles:

  1. You ensure courses taught as concurrent enrollment in the high schools are equal on all levels as the same courses taught at the MCTC campus.
  2. You serve as a source of answers to questions.
  3. You help to maintain a strong working relationship with our partner schools.

Your responsibilities, including required forms, are outlined in the College NOW Mentor-Liaison Handbook.

By clicking for the list of available courses you will find courses that are being or have been offered in the concurrent enrollment program.

The program accepts new courses for the program on an ongoing basis.

For more detailed information about particular courses and where they are offered, go to the College NOW Sharepoint site.

College departments that would like an update on concurrent enrollment at MCTC are welcome to schedule Sandra Gonzalez for a presentation or for a question-answer forum.

College NOW is eager for MCTC faculty and staff to get all of the information they may need on how the program works, data collection, how the College is meeting accreditation standards or any other aspects of concurrent enrollment.


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