African American Education Empowerment Program (AME)

A groupe of AME members gathered for a photo

Creating a Culture of Excellence and Inclusiveness for Students of Color

The African American Education Empowerment Program (AME) mission is to develop and create pathways for the educational success of students of color. Through intentional programming and support, students develop leadership capacity through mentoring and increased involvement in the college community, society, nation and the world. 

AME creates opportunities for the educational success of all students with an emphasis on African American students and students of color at Minneapolis College. There are 3 distinct student groups within AME—Brother to Brother (B2B), Sisters of the Diaspora (SoD) and Student Transition and Education Program (STEP). Empowering students in the development of leadership skills, AME programs contribute to the personal growth, retention, and graduation of students.

Many of the AME core values are reflected in the Adinkra symbols developed by the Akan people of Ghana. The Ram’s Horn (Dwannimmen) conveys an ancient traditional knowledge relevant to aspects of the classroom environment and student life on campus: we embrace the strength found in wisdom, while encouraging the humility embodied in continuous study and improvement. 

AME Logo at Minneapolis College

AME programs provide the following benefits:

  • Academic advising services to guide students from admission to graduation; including application, FAFSA, Accuplacer prep, and SAP appeal
  • A supportive community that creates access/pathways to resources; including scholarships, fellowships, internships, and work study
  • Peer and faculty tutoring
  • Math and writing institute
  • Quiet study hall and Group study jams
  • Mentoring
  • Service learning and career development opportunities 
  • Sense of welcome, acceptance, and belonging

AME is a place where scholarship and capacity building happen—where students feel a sense of belonging, connection, and accountability to enrich their educational experience. AME is living African American history, AME is how can we help, and AME is where scholarship earns. What we need is you.

The activities of the AME program center are supported by Minneapolis College students, staff, faculty and administration.