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Minneapolis College will be closing at 12:00 p.m. Friday, May 25 and will open again on Tuesday, May 29 after Memorial Day.

Student Services

Public Safety

MCTC Public Safety is the primary unit for supporting the personal safety of Minneapolis Community and Technical College students, employees and visitors.

Personal awareness and applying personal safety practices are the foundation of a safe community. We keep Minneapolis Community and Technical College’s campus safe and welcoming.

Public Safety Badge



For Public Safety Dispatcher (Dial 6900 from any campus phone)

Public Safety Office: 612-659-6910

Public Safety Director: 612-659-6902

Public Safety Supervisor:  612-659-6907

Safety Administrator: 612-659-6903

Reporting crimes and emergencies

Report any campus criminal or medical situations by calling ext. 6900 from any campus extension. MCTC's Public Safety staff will respond to and resolve all calls for assistance. You may choose to call 9-1-1 for any emergency situation. Please notify the Public Safety Office as soon as possible after placing a 9-1-1 call.


The Public Safety office is located in R.3100 on the north end of the Hennepin skyway (parking ramp side) at 1420 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403


Public Safety officers will provide walking escorts to campus community members anywhere within a 2 block radius of the campus. You may request an escort by calling the Public Safety desk at 612-659-6910 or you may arrive to the Public Safety desk (R.3100) and ask for an escort in person.

Operating hours and building access

Public Safety is responsible for opening buildings during the regular hours of operation. Please note that on Saturdays entrance points to buildings may be limited and employees entering the facility may be required to display picture ID to access restricted areas. There is no access to campus buildings on Sundays. The MCTC Public Safety department secures and alarms all buildings after hours. 

Campus Compliance and Security Report

MCTC encourages all students and College community members to be fully aware of the safety issues on and around the campus and to take action to prevent and to report illegal and inappropriate activities. Personal awareness and applying personal safety practices are the foundation of a safe community.

Each year MCTC’s Public Safety Department creates and publishes an annual Campus Compliance and Security Report offering three years of campus crime statistics. The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act requires that this report include information about particular types of crimes that occur in and around MCTC campus properties. This report further includes policy statements, program descriptions and procedures to follow in response to criminal activities.

A copy of these reports can be obtained by calling the Public Safety Department at 612-659-6910.

Current students

MCTC has implemented Star Alert, a system that will deliver time-sensitive emergency notifications to you. With Star Alert, our campus leaders and Public Safety Department are able to reach you with information and updates during emergencies, within minutes, through phone calls, emails and/or text messages.

New Bike Patrol on Campus

Public Safety bike patrol

The MCTC Public Safety Department is pleased to announce the formation of a bike patrol program!

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MCTC Public Safety: Here to Serve

MCTC's Public Safety staff

Providing helpful and reliable service to our students, employees and visitors, the MCTC Public Safety department keeps those they serve a number one priority. From responding to emergency calls to assisting someone locked out of his or her vehicle, the officers at MCTC are here to enrich our community.

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