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Educational Programs

College Readiness


Are you ready for college success?

Being ready for the demands of college coursework is important to your long-term success at MCTC. Once you enroll, you will be able to take advantage of the following readiness programs:

Adult Basic Education: Math

Minneapolis Adult Education offers two math classes on campus for current MCTC students who are enrolled in credit-based coursework. Learn more about additional resources to get a GED or prepare to enroll in college.

Computer Literacy

Bring your computer skills up-to-date at MCTC

students using computer

If you have little or no computer experience or keyboarding skills, we have courses that cover basic topics essential for the use of computers in all fields of study.

View more information in the course catalog

These courses can also help you round out your associate of arts degree. The 60-credit associate of arts degree is a general education two-year degree and includes the entire Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). The MnTC is a 40-credit package of general education courses in several learning areas that will be accepted for transfer by all four-year public colleges and universities in Minnesota.

English as a Second Language

Improve your English at MCTC

student studying

MCTC’s ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes will provide you the intensive English training in writing, reading, listening and speaking that you need to be successful in the rest of your college courses. View ESOL course descriptions

Your education will include learning in a computer-based language classroom with professional staff and helpful resources like the MCTC Learning Center. The Learning Center can help you with tutoring, study groups and basic computer skills. In addition, the Continuing Education and Customized Training program at MCTC arranges  classes for special purposes in the local community.

How can you prepare for your ESOL classes? Writing, reading, listening and speaking are skills that only get better with practice. Reading is a very good way to begin. It improves your understanding of written English, it makes grammar and usage familiar and it increases your vocabulary. Develop the habit of reading in English to get a head start in ESOL.


Learn critical reading skills to use at MCTC and beyond

student reading

MCTC offers four courses in remedial reading that are designed to help you get your reading level up to college standards. These courses range from remedial to advanced critical reading.

View reading course descriptions

Study Skills

Develop strategies and techniques to thrive at MCTC

student studying

MCTC’s Study Skills course will teach you the principles of learning and critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, styles of learning and teaching, note taking, listening, textbook reading, researching and testing. You will develop strategies and techniques for analyzing your own learning/thinking skills and processes.

View study skills course descriptions


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