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Admission Requirements

Getting started on your path to success

It's never too late to get started at MCTC, we accept applications throughout the year for our fall, spring and summer terms. We have rolling admissions––meaning we review applications as they are received, and you will find out if you have been accepted to the college right away. If you happen to miss an application deadline, your application will be considered for the next term, unless you meet an exception.

After you apply, you will receive some email reminders with your next steps and you can contact admissions with any questions you may have.

High school diploma or GED requirement

You do need a high-school diploma or GED to get started at MCTC, however we do offer opportunities for high school students to earn credits through our CollegeNOW! programs.

If you are a high school senior applying to enroll in college after your high school graduation, you can apply and be accepted before you graduate, then send your final high school transcript.

Residency requirements

You do not need to be a resident of Minneapolis or the state of Minnesota to be admitted to MCTC and we don't have resident and non-resident tuition rates.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or immigrant, or if you plan to seek a student visa to study in the United States, you need to apply as an international student.

Career and technical program admission requirements

If you are interested in a career or technical program, you have to be accepted into the program as well as into the college. Some popular programs fill up quickly so apply early and talk to an admissions advisor about general education classes you can take to be prepared for your program if it is full.

The following programs have additional requirements, such as previous professional certifications, grades or higher placement-test scores. These are high-demand programs, so it is important to apply early. Information about program requirements is in the college catalog.

For more information, look for program requirements on the educational program pages. If you have questions about these programs let us know:

  • Professional Licensing Program for Law Enforcement: call the Law Enforcement Education Center, 763-657-3700
  • Cinema: email Julie Nicholas or call 612-659-6205
  • Nursing (RN), Nursing Mobility, or Dental Assistant programs: email Donna Hernandez-Rosales or call 612-659-6202

Applying to a career and technical program

On your college application, indicate the specific career, technical or healthcare program that interests you. Within a week of applying, you will receive a letter with your admission status to the college, and you will also receive an email and letter with the requirements you need to meet for your program, including placement test levels. 

As soon as you apply to MCTC, study for and take the placement tests in reading, writing and mathematics. You will receive your scores and placement levels right after testing and can compare them to the program’s requirements.

If you are a transfer student, be sure you submit your previous college transcripts. Transfer students may also request an exemption from testing.

Program admission status

After you take the placement tests, you will receive a letter with your admissions status for the program:

You have met the requirements and are accepted into the program. This means you should sign up for orientation as soon as possible and enroll in your classes.

You've met the requirements and are on the waiting list. This mean the program is full but you have met the requirements, you can choose to take electives or general-education courses for a semester. Meet with your advisor to find out if you need to apply to the program again, or if you will be notified when there is space in the program.

You have not met the requirements yet. This means you may need to take courses at MCTC and improve your skill level so you meet the program’s requirements. Meet with an advisor to determine whether another program would be a better fit, or if you can take courses to meet the program requirements. Many students have taken developmental courses and then have been accepted into programs and completed them successfully. When you have met the program requirements, at the end of that semester you will be notified if you are admitted to the program, provided that space is available.