Academic Petitions

An academic petition enables a student to request a course substitution or a program requirement waiver when extenuating circumstances have occurred. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your academic advisor to determine whether or not a petition is appropriate for your situation.

There are two types of requests you can make with an Academic Petition–course substitution or program requirement waiver.

Course substitution

This is a request to use a course taken at Minneapolis College or another institution in place of a course required for your current program or major. In order for a course substitution to occur, you must have already taken the course at Minneapolis College or transferred it from another institution.

Program requirement waiver

This is a request to be exempt from particular course requirement based on an overall completion of relevant coursework or experience. If a requirement waiver is granted, you must make up the credits with appropriate coursework in order to meet the minimum number of college-level credits required for your program.

Academic petition forms

Academic petition forms are available at the Student Services Center (T.2200), from your academic advisor, or by requesting a form online. Make sure to read through all of the instructions on the first page of the petition, so that you understand the entire process.

Required documentation

Consideration of your petition will depend on the completeness and accuracy of the information you provide along with your request. Make sure to include the following items:

  1. Attach your degree audit report (DARS) to your petition. Make notes on the audit to indicate which requirement you are petitioning (this will help us to better understand your specific request)
  2. Provide supporting documentation, such as a course outline, syllabus, information from Transferology, evidence of earned certification (e.g. CPR training)
  3. A clear explanation of your request
  4. Optional but strongly encouraged: A signature from an appropriate program faculty member who supports your request. Faculty recommendation does not guarantee petition approval but is given strong consideration on whether or not your petition is approved. It may also help us process your petition more quickly.

What to expect after you submit an academic petition

Allow 4 weeks for processing in most cases. You’ll be notified of the result to your student email account. Approved petitions will be reflected on your degree audit accordingly.

If your petition involves transfer coursework, you must first ensure that your transcript has already been evaluated by the Registration and Records Office. If you submit a petition involving transfer work that has not yet been evaluated, your petition will be returned to you.

In all cases, if your petition is approved you must still earn the minimum overall number of college-level credits required for your program.

Petitions are degree-specific. If you change your program, you may need to submit a new petition.

Will my petition be approved?

Your petition is more likely to be approved if you have attached your degree audit, included detailed and relevant documentation, clearly explained the reason and rationale for your request, and obtained the written support of an appropriate faculty member.

Minneapolis College cannot approve the following:

  • Requests to reduce the minimum number of total credits required for a degree, diploma, or certificate
  • Requests to reduce the minimum number of MnTC (general education) credits required for a degree, diploma, or certificate
  • Requests that do not align with Minneapolis College or Minnesota State policy with regard to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum coursework or requirements
  • Requests to waive universal graduation requirements, such as credit residency requirements or minimum GPA requirements.

This list is not all-inclusive; please see your academic advisor for guidance if you have questions.

What if my petition is not approved?

The most common reason that a petition is not approved is a lack of supporting documentation. In many cases, your petition can be reconsidered if you provide further documentation in support of your request. If your petition is not approved, your notification will include an explanation and recommended next steps for you to follow.

If you have questions about how the decision on your petition was reached, or if you disagree with the outcome, please respond to your notification email to discuss an appeal.