New to the Accessibility Resource Center?

Students with disabilities who have accessibility concerns or wish to request reasonable accommodations are responsible for contacting the Accessibility Resource Center.

Prior planning is key to ensuring your accessibility concerns or disability-related barriers are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Your disability information is maintained separate from your academic record, in compliance with federal and state data practice laws. You are responsible for providing the Accessibility Resource Center with the appropriate disability documentation as it relates to your disability and the accommodations you are requesting.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College may not treat qualified individuals with a documented disability differently from individuals without disabilities or have a policy that disparately impacts individuals with disabilities. Minneapolis Community and Technical College complies with state and federal laws by providing access to its programs and services through reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with documented disabilities to allow them to effectively participate in those programs, services, and activities.

Reasonable accommodations are utilized to "level the playing field" but should not lower the bar or minimize performance expectations.

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