Minneapolis College Celebrates Its 2019 Outstanding Educators

Minneapolis College Outstanding Educators

On May 9 Minneapolis College held an event to officially recognize its Outstanding Educators for 2018-2019 academic year. Hosted by College President Sharon Pierce, staff and faculty alike gathered to show their appreciation for their colleagues. These instructors were selected from nominations submitted by their peers and students.

Minneapolis College’s Outstanding Educators for 2019 are:

  • Hope Doerner, Education
  • Michael Kuhne, English
  • Cathy Geist, Biology
  • Liz Pauly, Music
  • Holly Baker, American Sign Language
  • Scott Storla, Math.

Three Mpls College Instructors Also Named Minnesota State 2019 Educators of the Year

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities also named its 2019 Educator Awards of Excellence. From 81 educators from the 32 Minnesota State campuses recognized, three of our own Outstanding Educators were selected: Hope Doerner, Michael Kuhne and Scott Storla, Math. These educators were recognized at an event on April 17. Here are some comments on each of them.

Scott Storla
A student nominator said of him: “Scott Storla changed my life. His teaching has transformed the way I think about math, opening up new potential careers that I previously avoided because of math.”

Hope Doerner
Being passionate, flexible, stern and caring are the foundations to her success as a teacher. Her awareness and desire to help others can be easily identified by this one quote from her: “If I’m not doing this to help my students, I need to stop.”

Michael Kuhne
His approach is to try and help students get into the habit of practicing gratitude. In his experience, when students do that they learn things about themselves they may have never known. The power of that is what separates the students who excel and those who remain stagnant.