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The Forces Impacting U.S. Higher Education Forum, December 10

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Reimagining Minnesota State: Envisioning Our Next 20 Years

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Hosted by Minnesota State


When: Monday, December 10, 8:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.

Where: Minneapolis College, T.1400

Complete information about Reimagining Minnesota State is available here.

Briefing paper with guiding questions will be provided prior to the session.

Session 1: The Forces Impacting U.S. Higher Education

The first session will serve as an orientation for the forum advisory members to the forces that are shaping and disrupting higher education in the US. Through presentations by scholars and leaders in higher education on topics relating to changing demographics, competition, funding models and student needs and expectations, Session 1: The Forces Impacting US Higher Education will serve as the common framework by which the forum advisory members and the Minnesota State community discuss the opportunities and approaches to innovation that will support the long-term success of Minnesota State and its students.

Speakers and bios:

Nathan Grawe: Author of Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education
Grawe is a labor economist with particular interests in how family background--from family income to number of siblings--shapes educational and employment outcomes. Many of his works study whether access to financial resources significantly limit these important measures of success.  Nathan's most recent publication, Demographics and The Demand for Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018) examines how recent demographic shifts are likely to affect demand for higher education and explores how colleges and policymakers may respond to meet institutional and national goals.  

Chris Miller: Senior Vice President, Educational Advisory Board
Miller leads EAB’s higher education research practice of more 1,400 colleges and university members in North America and the United Kingdom. Mr. Miller has led in-depth research efforts on innovations in academic program design and growth strategy; student success; maximizing mission and financial impact of IT and facilities investments, and university planning and budgeting excellence. He has authored more than 50 best practice reports on higher education strategy and administration. Prior to EAB, Mr. Miller worked for 17 years with EAB’s sister companies The Advisory Board and Corporate Executive Board, doing extensive research in health care delivery strategy, and leadership education.  

Jon McGee: Author of Breakpoint: The Changing Marketplace for Higher Education
McGee is a frequently invited speaker nationally on demographic trends, the economics of higher education, and the intersection of mission, market, and institutional values. His book, Breakpoint: The Changing Marketplace for Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press), examines key forces of disruption in higher education and offers a framework to colleges and universities for addressing those issues. Jon McGee is Vice President for Planning and Strategy at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.