Community Unity Vigil July 17

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Woven Together in the Struggle for Justice, Change, Equity and Hope

The mission of Minneapolis College is to provide transformational educational experiences to help elevate the socio-economic status of our community, students, family, friends and neighbors.

In the wake of recent, unprecedented unrest in our nearby neighborhoods, Minneapolis College is reaffirming its commitment to equity, inclusion and to supporting the success of all of its community members through its Equity Statement. Read the full statement.

“Together, we will publicly reaffirm our intentions and our promise to change today’s world so that tomorrows world can become a place of equality and justice,” said President Sharon Pierce.
Join the Minneapolis College campus community Friday, July 17 at 9:00 a.m. (T Plaza Courtyard) for a Community Unity Vigil where students, staff, faculty and community partners will sign the Equity Statement to affirm their personal support for the important work that lies ahead to fulfill this commitment. Participants will receive a guide with 4 key locations of living history in Minneapolis to go to reflect on the struggle for JUSTICE, CHANGE, EQUITY and HOPE. “We won’t forget the pain we have endured but, rather, we will use it to guide the changes that are needed,” Pierce said.  

Minneapolis College is actively involved as a voice for change during these challenging times and is taking action to bring attention to and address inequities. Excellence is not possible without equity and inclusion. The greatest contribution to developing tomorrow’s workforce lies within the creation of new knowledge by building an environment in which all community members can flourish. The vigil presents an opportunity for the voices of Minneapolis College to be heard and its presence felt, assembled under the banner #mplscollegeunites.

The gathering will follow physical distancing guidelines. Face coverings are required on campus. Ramp parking is available on campus. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the 4 reflection locations.

Read more about the July 17 Community Unity Vigil.