Equity and Inclusion Vision and Mission

Strategic Priorities

Diversity, equity and inclusion figure prominently in Minneapolis College’s Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities and in the Strategic Plan. To accomplish the goals laid out in the College’s plans, Minneapolis College has an Equity and Inclusion Division, an Equity and Inclusion Coordinating Committee and multiple subcommittees and project teams that initiate and implement projects and monitor outcomes.


The Equity and Inclusion Division’s mission is to better prepare our college to meet the needs of underrepresented students.  The Division enacts this mission in 3 primary approaches: multicultural programming designed to support underrepresented student populations, professional development for our workforce, and an equity lens focused on better matching policy and procedures to the students we serve. Ideally the division serves as a bridge toward trust and a lodestone for both members of under-served communities and for those who wish to provide equity minded service.

The Division of Equity and Inclusion has 2 arms: a coordinating committee which guides the work of approximately 80 people on campus to guide plans and implementation of initiatives, and a staff that oversees programming for specific identity groups that includes the American Indian Success Program (AISP), African American Education Empowerment Program (AME) and Latinos Unidos for College and Higher Achievement (LUCHA).

What is Minneapolis College doing to address the importance of equity and inclusion related issues that are present on our diverse college campus?

Our approach is 3-fold:

  1. We empower stakeholders from across the campus – students, staff, faculty – who are passionate about creating an inclusive campus environment and closing opportunity gaps to contribute their expertise via campus trainings and other venues
  2. We strive to embed equitable policies, procedures/processes and practices into the daily life of the Minneapolis College community. If you are interested in equity and inclusion at Minneapolis College, you are our stakeholder too!
  3. We seek to be the bridge of trust from members of underserved populations to our institution.


Key Equity and Inclusion Documents and Resources


    Living Room Conversations are held weekly via Zoom.

    President's Book Club

    • Dr. Sharon Pierce, Minneapolis College’s President, has engaged employees in a book club that focuses on better understanding current issues in diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • The most recent book read is faculty member Shannon Gibney's latest offering book Dream Country.