Employee Directory

Name Department Room Contact
April HansonInterim Director of Academic Success Center Learning Center T.2203
Ranae HansonEnglish Faculty English H.4103
Amy HarlanCustomer Service Specialist Campus Book Store T.1800
Mary HawkesNursing Faculty Professional Nursing H.5106
Korey HaynesAstronomy Faculty Astronomy S.2540
Stephen HealeyEnglish Faculty English H.4128
Brian HellerSound Arts Faculty Sound Arts F.2403
Matt HelmEnglish Faculty English H.4113
Sara HempelCentral Svcs Admin Spec Central Services T.2020
William HendricksGraphic Design Faculty Graphic Design T.4532
Lee HerResources and Referral Specialist Resource and Referral T.2313
Craig HergertEnglish Faculty English H.4138
Donna Hernandez-RosalesTransfer Specialist Registration and Records T.2214
Kristine HeykantsPhotography & Digital Imaging Photography & Digital Imaging T.3503
Kate HibbardEnglish Faculty English H.4137
Monroe HillCampus Security Officer Campus Security R.3100
Andrea HillFaculty Mathematics K.2623
Jeremy HoffmanSet-up GMW Central Scheduling M.0335
Carolyn HolbrookEnglish Faculty English H.4111
Deja HolcombBookstore Temp Campus Book Store
Kjrsten Holtinstructor Graphic Design T.4511
Jeffrey HooverEnglish as a Second Language Faculty English as a Second Language T.5062
John HoranCinema Faculty Cinema T.4030
Cindy HouserEconomics Faculty Economics M.1290
Margot HowardPower of You Academic Advisor Advising and Retention T.2531
Amy HruskaSafety Administrator Public Safety R.3103
Ningsheng HuangPhysics Faculty Physics S.2550
Joann HubbardNATO Faculty Continuing Education M.3000
Miki HuntingtonPolitical Science Faculty Political Science H.1426
Melinda HustonFaculty Professional Nursing H.5118