Recreation Facilities

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Bowman Hall

Bowman Hall is home to Campus Recreation & Wellness and includes facilities such as the weight room, dance room and gymnasium.

Note: These hours are subject to change for holidays, breaks, events, etc.


Bowman Hall Gymnasium is a 9,000 square foot facility featuring six basketball hoops, two volleyball courts, and eight badminton courts. The following Campus Recreation and Wellness activities are held in the Bowman Hall Gymnasium: Basketball, Badminton, Fitness Classes, Soccer, Table Tennis, Volleyball, and more.

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Weight Room

Bowman Hall Weight Room is a 1,500 square foot facility featuring free weights, benches, machine weights, three elliptical machines, and three treadmills. Campus Recreation and Wellness holds Open Weight Room and Fitness Training classes in the Weight Room.

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View of Loring Park Tennis Courts
^ Loring Park Tennis Courts

Loring Park Tennis Courts

Loring Park Tennis Courts feature four courts and are located in the center of the park. Campus Recreation and Wellness uses them for Open Tennis and Intramural Tennis. 

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