Board of Directors

The MCTC Foundation Board of Directors is an all-volunteer board dedicated to supporting the work of Minneapolis Community and Technical College in providing access to the transformative power of education.


Orlando Flores

Foundation Board President


“As a first-generation immigrant and member of an underrepresented community, I know that MCTC Foundation does an incredible job reaching our immigrants and poorest communities, helping people move from a path of relative poverty to a path of educational achievement and employment.”

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Medtronic Americas Region

Orlando Flores’ own path to success began with a community college education. Now, as Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer of Medtronic’s Americas Region, Orlando’s focus is to monitor and maintain an ethical culture culture and compliance programs in varied and complex businesses and geographies. As a member of the Foundation’s Board, he shares his valuable experience as a first-generation immigrant who understands, first-hand, the needs of traditionally underrepresented groups in Minnesota.

Kimberly Spates

Foundation Board Vice President


“MCTC is a fundamental part of what makes a healthy community, and the MCTC Foundation provides an avenue for supporters to ‘pay it forward,’ ensuring a workforce for a strong community future. I’m proud to serve on the Foundation Board.”

Chief Operations Officer

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center

Kimberly Spates is a connector–a talented facilitator who works to create openness and cooperation among businesses, educators, employers, employees and neighbors. Kimberly is Chief Operations Officer at NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center. She stresses that for the community served by NorthPoint, the MCTC Foundation makes dreams of college come true by providing creative ways for people to enter college, then move on to high-wage jobs, or continue on a path toward education goals.

Jeffrey Custer

Foundation Board Treasurer


“Our community must be vibrant. MCTC’s programs, like Power Of You, help people become their best. People need to know that there are many high-paying jobs that require a two-year degree. MCTC is an affordable, high-quality path for people to advance their education and job prospects, and to contribute to the life of our community.”

Director, Design & Construction
Xcel Energy, Inc. 

As Director of Design and Construction at Xcel Energy, Inc., Jeffrey’s expertise in leading high-performance teams, and his ability to turn wishes into results, make him a tremendous asset to the MCTC Foundation’s Board of Directors. As a member of our finance committee, Jeffrey’s talent for managing budgets, reducing costs and maintaining first-rate customer experience dovetail with the Foundation’s quest to make the best use of funds on our students’ behalf.

M. Valeriana Moeller

Foundation Board Secretary


“I believe education should be accessible to as many people as possible. I’ve always been a champion of community college, and the MCTC Foundation is the kind of organization that makes higher education a reality for so many who might otherwise miss the opportunity. This is how we build a strong workforce for the future.”

President and CEO
Val Moeller Consulting

Dr. M. Valeriana Moeller was born in India and raised in Portugal. She holds degrees from the University of Lisbon and from Chicago’s Northwestern University. Val’s career has included leadership roles at colleges in Michigan, and in Ohio, where she was president of Columbus State Community College for 14 years. In the 1980s, she served as MCTC’s Dean of Instruction and Chief Academic Officer. A leader of community building through community colleges, she brings administrative and strategic innovation to the MCTC Foundation Board.

Walter Chesley


“I believe that the best resources we can invest in are the human ones. MCTC offers so many avenues for people to learn meaningful skills, to secure internships, and to earn useful credentials for their own futures and for the future of our increasingly diverse community.”

Vice President

Chief Human Resources Officer
Hennepin County Medical Center

Walter Chesley is Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Hennepin County Medical Center. His career in health care administration, along with significant leadership roles serving Ronald McDonald House Minnesota and YMCA, have provided Walter with broad, deep experience in service to our community. Walter received his undergraduate degree in communications from Boston University prior to earning his law degree at American University in Washington, D.C.

Jackie Elliott Anderson

Jackie Elliot Anderson

"I discovered that higher education deepened my lenses and opened doors that I would not have known existed. As a board member I’m proud to be part of MCTC’s welcoming and inclusive community. MCTC has built strong business and academic coalitions to assist students in meeting their educational, cultural, and social needs, while preparing them for the challenges of a constantly evolving business world."

Assistant Vice President
Trust Relationship Manager
U.S. Bank Private Client Group

Jackie has been in the financial services and banking industry for much of her career. Before she was in her present position at U.S. Bank, she was a Vice President at Wells Fargo. Jackie has served on the MCTC Foundation Board from 1995-2015, was voted in as a Board Emeritus in 2015-16 and has now agreed to serve another three-year board term.

Ramona (Mona) Harristhal

Ramona (Mona) Harristhal

“As the first in my family to attend college, I know the sacrifices made by students and their families. It is important to me that I help others participate in post-secondary education so their choices include a wide array of opportunities. MCTC and the MCTC Foundation provide support that encourages student success and I am proud to participate in this work.”

After working in various business functions for 3M and Pillsbury, Ramona served in Peace Corps in Micronesia as a business advisor. Upon returning from Peace Corps, Ramona joined the Page Education Foundation and spent 18 years growing the foundation, encouraging students and learning about their needs. Her work brought her into contact with MCTC and its student support programs. She is a wholehearted MCTC supporter. Ramona has been on the MCTC Foundation board since 2001, serving as MCTC Foundation Vice-President in 2010 and 2011 and as MCTC Foundation President in 2012 and 2013. After serving as Board Emeritus for the past year, she is delighted to serve another 3 year term as MCTC Foundation Board member.

Cam Hoang


“I believe in opportunity for everyone, and that’s what MCTC provides. Careers begin with education, and communities become stronger when individuals can find jobs and build stable careers. The MCTC Foundation brings opportunity to students who might otherwise have to settle for unstable futures.”

Capital Markets & Corporate Compliance Group
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Cam Hoang has recently joined law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP in Minneapolis as a partner, following ten years as Senior Counsel and Assistant Secretary in the diverse corporate environment at General Mills. A first-generation immigrant from Vietnam, and her family’s first college graduate, Cam received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Yale University and her law degree from Harvard Law School.

Marc Jensen


“I believe in the mission and value of community college, and it’s a privilege to serve on the Board of the MCTC Foundation. MCTC provides just the right financial and creative boost for students who seek education and professions with good, living wages.”

Chief Technology Officer and Managing Partner


Marc Jensen leads space150’s engineering and experience teams, with a focus on educating and inspiring internal teams, external audiences and clients about hardware and software innovation. Before joining space150, Marc was a pioneer in console and PC game development, as well as 3D animation and special effects, motion capture, animation and facial animation systems. He shares his leadership and innovation skills with the MCTC Foundation Board.

Michael Rossman

Michael Rossman

“I feel passionately about public service and believe we don’t do enough to let students know what amazing opportunities are waiting for them in the public sector. There is a palpable energy on the MCTC campus that I believe every employer wishes they could harness and bring to their own workforce. I’m excited to partner with MCTC to make career dreams come true for students.”

Mr. Rossman serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Hennepin County and sits on the executive team for the organization. He has been with Hennepin County for over 25 years serving in many capacities, most notably in his current executive leadership role as well as the past administrator for the nationally recognized regional medical examiner’s office owned and operated by Hennepin County. Mr. Rossman’s success in the organization is a story that started from the ground up, beginning his career as a clerk typist in the Community Corrections Department 25 years ago. Through hard work, a desire to serve the public and the support of managers who understood the value of mentoring, he progressively worked his way up into supervisory and leadership positions across the organization. Michael’s philosophy is that if you support innovation, empower employees and find ways to spark curiosity by giving employees exposure to all parts of the business, you can build capable, dedicated leaders that support the county’s mission & vision. With this drive for excellence, Mr. Rossman is leading change at Hennepin County to build a talented and sustainable workforce of the future.

Candace Steele Flippin


“I believe that communication is essential to a harmonious environment, and I believe that MCTC opportunities to help all generations function at their best in the business world. I am happy to serve the Foundation, and to share my communications and research experience for the benefit of students of any age.”

External Communications and Public Relations

Candace Steele Flippin is Vice President of Public Relations and External Communications at Abbott. She has also held leadership roles at pharmaceutical companies and at American Red Cross. She serves as chair of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Health Academy. Candace is pursuing her PhD in educational psychology with a focus on mentoring. She is considered one of the country’s foremost experts in the field of inter-generational communications in business.

Dominic Venturo

Venturo“I believe that everyone deserves access to a college education. MCTC does great work to help Twin Cities youth earn the educational credentials they need for successful paths in work and in life. The Power Of You program supported by the MCTC Foundation is innovative and exemplary.”

Chief Innovation Officer

U.S. Bank Payment Services

Dominic Venturo, a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University Of Washington Graduate School Of Banking, is Chief Innovation Officer for U.S Bank Payment Services. For the past eight years he has led the Payment Services Innovation Team, both setting strategies and developing new products to support those strategies. His 26-year history in financial services brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the MCTC Foundation Board, where he hopes to build on the success of the Power of You program.

Paul Williams


“I am passionate about the multi-faceted work of building community. MCTC plays a key role in creating a community where people can get the education they need to find the jobs that support stable, secure homes and families. The Foundation helps make that possible."

President and CEO

Project for Pride in Living (PPL)

Paul Williams has a long history of creating partnerships through his work with nonprofit groups in order to strengthen communities. In addition to serving as St. Paul’s Deputy Mayor, Paul has served the St. Paul Foundation, the Minneapolis Foundation, the Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and the St. Paul Area United Way. Paul’s passions for education, affordable housing, youth development, and employment led him to his current position as President and CEO of Project for Pride in Living. His interests and experience are ideal assets for the MCTC Foundation Board.

Caleb Wolfe

Caleb Wolfe“I see community college as a bridge that connects students, especially those in need, with opportunities to change the course of their lives and careers. I have experienced, in my own life, the transformative power of the Power of YOU program as a former student of MCTC . I truly believe education and scholarships are the pathway to opportunity for those in our community who are most in need. As MCTC has helped me, I hope to help others on their journey to success.”

IT Analyst - Transformation and DevOps

Delta Airlines

Caleb Wolfe is an MCTC Alumni, Power of YOU recipient and University of Saint Thomas graduate. At Delta Air Lines, he has climbed the ranks from working on the frontline as a baggage handler to an IT Analyst in the DevOps/Agile efforts and is an award winning innovator. Caleb’s perspective as a former student at MCTC and passion for improving lives makes him a valuable member of the Foundation Board.