student at Minneapolis College

Meriem’s journey to Minneapolis College was no small feat. After escaping a revolution and threats from ISIS in her home country of Tunisia, Meriem applied for and was granted asylum in the United States. While she was initially relieved, she continued to struggle with no support system to look to for guidance.

"I came to the United States and had the whole world in front of me, but I couldn’t touch it. I had no money, no resources. The Minneapolis College Foundation and their donors built the bridge between me and what I wanted, an education."

After applying to Minneapolis College and meeting with the Foundation, Meriem was awarded the Henao Family Scholarship; she has a tuition-free pathway to an associate degree. After finishing a liberal arts degree, she hopes to get her bachelor’s in international relations. 

Meriem discussed her plans saying,

“The amount of oppression I endured as a kid made me want to be in a position of power where I could influence policy and decision making in my community.”

Meriem is just one example of over 500 student stories that are forever transformed by the Minneapolis College Foundation every year. With your help, we can continue this work. 

“Minneapolis College represents opportunity that my own culture, my own country, and my own family could never give me. This education is everything I ever wished for.”

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