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Minneapolis College is one of the most diverse and inclusive colleges in the state. Browse the different types of students below to find your gateway to Minneapolis College.

New College Student

I never attended college and I am seeking to complete a degree, diploma or certificate at Minneapolis College. More on New Students.

Transfer Student

I previously attended college and am interested in coming back to complete a degree, diploma or certificate. More on transfer students.

High School PSEO

I am a Minnesota high school sophomore, junior or senior, interested in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option program. More on PSEO students.

Visiting/NON-degree seeking

I am interested in a class or classes, but not a degree, diploma, or certificate from Minneapolis College. More on visiting students.

international student

I am a citizen of another country, whether I currently live in the U.S. or another country. More on international students.


I previously attended Minneapolis College and am interested in coming back to college to complete my degree, diploma or certificate, or I am a PSEO student interested in changing my status. More on returning students

Students and Staff at Minneapolis College


Don't see yourself in any of these categories? There's a place for you at Minneapolis College. Contact Admissions for guidance.

What if I do not have a High School Diploma or ged?

Please visit the following resources to find locations in the community offering free courses and preparation to help you complete an adult diploma or GED (General Educational Development) diploma. Many places also offer free courses in ESL––English as a Second Language, workforce development and more. Once you have completed your high school diploma or GED, you are eligible to apply for admission to Minneapolis College.

In Minneapolis, services are available through Minneapolis Public Schools at Minneapolis Adult Education:

In Minnesota:

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  "Seeing all these people with different backgrounds in the same place was amazing."

Estefania Navarro