• The Minneapolis College Math Department encourages exploration and evaluation of innovative approaches to teaching mathematics.
  • The Minneapolis College Math Club provides an engaging environment to further your interest in mathematical problem solving and mathematical theory.
  • The Minneapolis College Math Department encourages you to participate in the Student Mathematics League (SML) competition. The SML consists of more than 165 colleges in more than 35 states involving over eight thousand community college math students.
  • Minneapolis College offers mini-sessions and tutors to help you with coursework.

Program Description

Minneapolis College’s innovative math program encourages exploration and serves a diverse population. If you plan to continue math studies at a four-year college or university or need refresher courses to prepare you for other majors, the math program offers extensive support at all math levels.

Program Details


Occupational Outlook released a study in 2009 that listed mathematician as the top job in the United States. An A.S. degree in Mathematics is especially useful in that it serves as the foundation for a wide range of careers and fields of study, including a computer information technology, business and statistics.

Potential Job Titles

  • Math Teacher
  • Actuary
  • Computer Scientist
  • Operations Research Scientist
  • Biomathematician
  • Cryptography specialist
  • Financial Analyst

Where You Could Work

  • Actuary Companies
  • Operations Research
  • Statistical Consulting Firms
  • Universities
  • Research Institutions