HR Services Listed Alphabetically

Alphabetical by Human Resources Responsibility:

Service Area Person(s)
ADA Bobbi Davis, x6572
Administrative Hearing Support Tiffany Lor, x6844
Affirmative Action Officer Bobbi Davis, x6572
Affirmative Action Plan Development Bobbi Davis, x6572
Background Checks Tiffany Lor, x6844
Benefits Rosie Lackner, x6804
Code of Ethics Administration Dianna Cusick, x6319
Consultant to Supervisors Rosie Lackner, x6804
Data Practices Compliance Dianna Cusick, x6319
Data Requests Tiffany Lor, x6844
ELM Administrator Paul Johnson, x6847
Employee D2L Training Paul Johnson, x6847
Employee Data Management

Sherry Swain, x6846

Lori Webb, x6843

Employee Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Processing Tiffany Lor, x6844
Employee Expense Reimbursements Amanda Krings, x6884
Employee Transactions Lori Webb, x6843
Employee Investigations Rosie Lackner, x6804
Employee Verification Tiffany Lor, x6844
Executive Leadership of Human Resources Dianna Cusick, x6319
Faculty Credentialing/Salary Placement Sherry Swain, x6846
Faculty Transactions Contact Sherry Swain, x6846
FMLA Bobbi Davis, x6572
General Information Tiffany Lor, x6844
Grievance Hearings Dianna Cusick, x6319
Interns Tiffany Lor, x6844
Labor Relations and Contract Interpretation Dianna Cusick, x6319
Labor Relations and Contract Administration Rosie Lackner, x6804
Leave Changes for Faculty Sherry Swain, x6846
Litigation Support Tiffany Lor, x6844
New Hire Paperwork Tiffany Lor, x6844
Office Support Tiffany Lor, x6844
Official Liason to the Office of Attorney General & Minnesota State General Counsel Dianna Cusick, x6319
Performance Improvement Rosie Lackner, x6804
Personnel Files Tiffany Lor, x6844
Policy Administration Dianna Cusick, x6319
Position Classification/Reallocation Bobbi Davis, x6572
Position Classification/Reallocation Sue Szabo, x6320
Professional Development Paul Johnson, x6847
Recruitment and Selection Bobbi Davis, x6572
Recruitment and Selection Sue Szabo, x6320
Retirement Rosie Lackner, x6804
Sabbaticals Sherry Swain, x6846
SCUPPS Specialist Sherry Swain, x6846
Search Process

Bobbi Davis, x6572

Sue, Szabo, x6320

SEMA4 Specialist Lori Webb, x6843
Staffing Business Partner (Student Affairs, Administration, Marketing) Bobbi Davis, x6572
Staffing Business Partner (Academic Affairs, HR, IT, Finance and Operations) Sue Szabo, x6320
Talent Management Rosie Lackner, x6804
Training and Development Paul Johnson, x6847
Tuition Waiver Tiffany Lor, x6844
Unemployment Administration Rosie Lackner, x6804
Vacation Donation Program Rosie Lackner, x6804
Volunteers Tiffany Lor, x6844