Technical Building

Technical Building Facade at Minneapolis College

The Technical Building at Minneapolis College is the main building on campus. It's one of two 5-story buildings on campus. Helland is the other one.

It's Big

The Technical Building has more square footage than the entire Metropolitan University campus in St. Paul. The Lower Level has more square footage than the entire 5-story Helland Center next door. And it's the biggest building by square footage of any State of Minnesota owned building. Bigger than the State Capitol building. Bigger than the new Senate building. This size gives the Technical Building many open space areas for teaching, eating, lounging and studying.

Large Open areas with natural light:

Breathtaking views start with the 5 story window system facing the campus courtyard, overlooking Loring Park. Each floor has its own panoramic view but by the 5th floor view, you will openly wonder if you are still in downtown Minneapolis.

The dining area is unique among all other Minnesota State schools since it is locally-owned and locally operated. The Dunn Bros. Josephine's Cafe on the 2nd floor features coffee, muffins and pastries made fresh right there, not shipped in. 

Technology in the Technical Building

Waiting in line is no longer standing in line. The Qnomy system of queue notification allows students to relax and own their own time until the electronic notification system informs whoever is next served.

Large Electronic bulletin boards are posted throughout the building for events, notices and news feeds.

Not only is WiFi available everywhere but AC outlets are readily available in study areas.

The remodeled Academic Success Center on 3rd floor recently opened with a new computer lab, speech practice lab, individual and group study areas, tutoring and more.

Conveniently Connected

The Technical Building is conveniently connected by skyways to the parking ramp, Kopp Center, Bowman Center (Gym, Weight Room), Whitney Fine Arts Center, Library and the Helland Center.