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Degrees For You

There’s a degree for you

MCTC offers a number of degrees and credentials you can transfer to a bachelor's degree program or use to acquire a job in a specialized field. When enrolling it is important to know which degree path is right for you, as programs vary in requirements and transferability.

Our admissions advisors would be happy to guide you through selecting the right option to meet your needs. Contact them today!

Associate of Arts degree (AA)

Earn a general two-year degree which may have a special area of emphasis. These degrees are designed to transfer readily into most baccalaureate programs.

Associate of Science degree (AS)

An AS is a specialized two-year degree that combines a liberal arts education with career-specific classes. These degrees often transfer into specific four-year degree programs at partnering colleges and universities through articulation agreements.

Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS)

AAS degrees designed for immediate entry into the workplace and have been designed to meet current workforce needs. These programs may have limited transferability.

Online A.A.S.––earn your A.A.S. in Library Information Technology completely online!

Associate of Fine Arts degree (AFA)

An AFA is a two-year degree in theatre or visual arts designed for transfer to a four-year program through an articulation agreement.


These programs offer training and courses in career or technical fields designed for immediate entry into the workplace and are designed to meet workforce demands. These programs may have limited transferability to other schools.


Certificate offer training and courses in career or liberal arts fields designed for immediate entry into the workplace which have certain credit requirements. These programs may have limited transferability.

Continuing Education Units (CEUS)

These classes are designed for professionals who would like to learn new skills or earn industry certifications. Continuing education also offers some testing and test preparation for career areas like Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide. If you take a CEU or noncredit course you are not required to go through the traditional admissions process. Learn more about the programs, certificates and registration process under continuing education.

Two-Year Colleges Make the Grade

Astronomy at MCTC

“The pendulum has swung” toward community colleges.

In this Star Tribune article, community colleges were recognized for offering an inexpensive, fast-track path to employment. Although once regarded as “the 13th grade,” popular opinion about community college has since changed.

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