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Why Us?

Why Get a Degree?

Get a degree and get ahead

Did you know that most jobs now require two years of education after high school?

College graduates earn more money, have better job security, better benefits, more opportunities for advancement and job satisfaction and more confidence and success in reaching their goals and achieving their dreams. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 60% of occupations require a diploma or at least some college. Adults with an associate’s degree or professional certificate annually earn on average:

Education Pays 2014 Chart 

In coming years, the number of jobs requiring at least an associate’s degree or some kind of college diploma is projected to grow twice as fast as those requiring no college experience.

Community colleges now educate nearly half of all the college students in the country.

There’s a degree program for you at MCTC. Whether your goal is a career in healthcare or construction, web design or criminal justice, we can help you find a program that meets your needs.

Current salary by education level in Hennepin County

Median salary across all experience levels
Source: Wanted Analytics, August, 2014

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Earn your bachelor’s degree with the Auggie Plan!

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Follow a defined pathway to earn your two-year associate degree from Minneapolis Community and Technical College then seamlessly transfer to Augsburg College to finish your bachelor’s degree.

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