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Your Path to Success

Your Path to Success Begins Here

Get a degree and get ahead! College graduates earn more money, have better job security, better benefits, more opportunities for advancement and job satisfaction and more confidence and success in reaching their goals and achieving their dreams.

Student Testimonial

Accessible location

We are easy to get to with our accessible location just on the edge of downtown Minneapolis––close to the 15 largest employers in Downtown Minneapolis which employ 50,583 people.

Affordable education

We are affordable. Tuition at MCTC is significantly lower than tuition at most other colleges and universities. If you're a high school student at one of our local partner schools––you can even attend free through Power of YOU.

Award-winning faculty and comprehensive programs

Our award-winning faculty teach comprehensive programs to prepare you for work, or to transfer to a four-year school to continue your education.

Planning and personal support

MCTC is different––we understand you may need additional support to be successful and we offer many resources for your unique needs.

Denisse Linares 

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