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Our Voices: The Path to MCTC

Alumna Ugaso Sheik-Abdi

    ^ MCTC Alumna Ugaso Sheik-Abdi

Ugaso Sheik-Abdi saved $6,000 for her college education and was poised to attend MCTC when her family encouraged her to enroll in a four-year school. Uncertain about her choice, Ugaso followed her family’s wishes and started her education at a four-year college. Her savings quickly disappeared due to the expense of the school.  Ugaso found herself leaving college facing homelessness.

“I was homeless off and on for two years,” said Ugaso who, at the time, was feeling depressed and uncertain about her future. “I shut myself off socially for two years, trying to separate myself from the person I wanted to be versus the person everyone else in my family wanted me to be.”
Ugaso recognized there’s a possibility you either don’t come out of that dark place she was in or you come out of it stronger, more positive and ready to move forward. Ugaso felt the latter.
“It’s difficult for many people to believe they deserve success,” said Ugaso who eventually found herself back at MCTC with a Wells Family scholarship and a new opportunity. “I was really lucky. I gained the confidence I needed to start over and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without MCTC.”
After leaving MCTC, Ugaso graduated from Augsburg College and is she now working as a software engineer for a social media company in California.


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