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Sheldon FitwiLeadership from Service

Sheldon Fitwi loves the learning environment at MCTC, and his class schedule is proof of that.

The liberal arts student is taking 19 credits in his second semester at MCTC, and is managing it easily.

“Success for me is about understanding what I have to do and sticking to a schedule,” he said. “Most of my fun in life comes from doing homework.”

On top of his 19 credits, Sheldon is also the director of public relations for the MCTC Student Senate. He works constantly to make sure the student government communicates effectively to the student body. It’s a role he never would have seen himself in prior to starting at MCTC.

“It’s easy to casually discuss politics, but stepping into a political role is a very different experience,” he said. “I had no idea how empowering student government could be.”

Sheldon wasn’t always as involved with school as he is today. In fact, he didn’t feel the drive to become involved at all until he joined the army in 2010. During his subsequent tour in Afghanistan, he worked in a radio operation center and made sure convoys and squadrons stayed on their designated roads.

Sheldon had his first experience with public speaking and leadership on his Afghanistan tour. Each morning, following his commander’s speech to his fellow soldiers, Sheldon addressed his peers with critical updates. There was no room to slack or be shy during the course of his duties.

“As the lowest ranking officer in the room most of the time, it was an honor to be given the opportunity to speak,” he said.

He’s brought his experiences in the army to his time at MCTC. He compares his peers at the College to his comrades in Afghanistan. Similar to the duties he performed during his tour, Sheldon addresses MCTC students weekly at Student Senate meetings and ensures his colleagues stay on their designated paths.

“I want to see the Student Senate be successful together and assist others if they fall behind,” he said.

Sheldon plans on going to law school after MCTC. He would like to give back to the veteran community during his career. His liberal arts education is allowing him to test the College’s many class subjects and see what stands out to him. No matter where life takes him, the experiences and intangibles Sheldon took away from his military experience and time at MCTC will serve as useful tools for success.

Published April 2015


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