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Commitment to Community

Nik Linde, MCTC student and peer mentor“Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything,” said third-year MCTC student Nik Linde. Balancing a work study job on campus, a part-time job off campus and a full load of courses, time management is crucial for him.

While still a student at Minneapolis South High School, Nik began branching out. He participated in the summer Jump Start program which encourages college readiness in students, and took an English class at MCTC through Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO).  “I was set on going to MCTC after high school—I really liked the atmosphere and the diversity.” He applied to the Power of YOU program and was accepted.

Now, three years after finishing high school, he is giving back to Power of YOU. “I could have transferred after my second year at MCTC, but I got my work study job as a peer mentor and was really excited to see that through.”

Nik’s educational experiences have sustained his commitment to his community. “I grew up in Minneapolis and went through the public school system. MCTC has been a bridge to the next step of my life. I feel very connected to this city.” There will be no rest for Nik over spring break: he’ll spend the week at MCTC giving campus tours to groups of South High School seniors.

Recently, Nik acquired a digital camera and began documenting the picturesque moments of his life. “Fall semester when I biked to school, I couldn’t resist taking pictures–I wanted to show everyone how beautiful this campus is.” Nik mentioned his hobby to some MCTC employees, and they were impressed with his skill. His photos are now available on the MCTC website.

Nik recently received the Power of YOU Bridge Scholarship which awards transferring students with high GPAs $15,000 toward tuition. He will start at Augsburg College in the fall. “I’m thinking of majoring in organizational communications and working in academic advising,” said Nik. “Throughout my time in high school and later in Power of YOU, my mentors and advisors really made a big impression on me, and I want to give that back to future generations of students.”

Published March 2013


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MCTC Campus

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