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MCTC student LourdmyLourdmy Jean never thought she’d find herself sitting between the CEO of Children’s Hospital of Minnesota and Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. When she did—at a celebration of MCTC’s new Nursing and Allied Health facilities—she found herself not only humbled by their presence, but also facing competing job offers.

“If you’re interested in pediatrics, that’s my field at Children’s Hospital,” said Alan Goldbloom, MD, CEO of Children's Hospital. “Come speak to me after this event.”

“I think you should consider geriatrics,” countered Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton. “I’m going to need some help in a few years.”


Lourdmy grew up in Florida, the child of Haitian immigrants. She moved to Minnesota with her husband. “When I arrived here, I didn’t have a network or community. MCTC became my community. My classmates and I were all on the same journey.” She chose MCTC because her husband is an alum—he received his Associate of Science degree from the College.

“There’s so much diversity here,” said Lourdmy. “I thought Florida was diverse, but every day I’m inspired by the community I see at MCTC. I find I’m able to relate to people from many different cultures here. That’s what sets MCTC apart from other schools.”

Dedication to Studies, Eye on a Career

Lourdmy enrolled at MCTC in 2010 and completed her general education requirements. “I knew from the start I wanted to go into nursing, but there were times I thought nursing was so far off,” said Lourdmy. “Looking back, the journey felt like a long one. But I persevered, and made it to where I am today. I’m very disciplined.”

She has to be. Lourdmy has two children: one is six years old, the other is four months old.

“I was pregnant during my Nursing orientation this summer. In fact, had only two weeks left of my pregnancy. I just knew I had to get through orientation so I could focus on my family until the program started in the fall.”

The Program

MCTC had a lot to celebrate during its visit by Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and other local officials. In addition to showcasing its new facilities—funded in part by a 2012 state bonding bill—MCTC and Augsburg College recently announced their collaborative three-year Bachelor in Science with an emphasis in Nursing (BSN), the first such three-year collaboration between a two-year community college and a four-year private college. Lourdmy entered the Nursing program in the first cohort of students bound for this three-year program since its announcement. Others in attendance at the event Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin and representatives from Augsburg College.

Looking to the Future

So which career path will Lourdmy be pursuing: pediatrics or, as Gov. Dayton suggests, geriatrics?

“Pediatrics has always been my goal,” said Lourdmy. “After the event, Mr. Goldbloom from Children’s Hospital encouraged me to start volunteer shadowing nurses in their pediatrics unit. I’m going to start next fall.”

“It takes commitment and dedication to reach your goals,” said Lourdmy. ”The day I realized I’m an individual was the day I found my voice.”

Read more about Gov. Dayton's visit to MCTC here

Photo: From left to right, MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, MCTC Nursing student Lourdmy Jean, MCTC President Phil Davis and Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin.

Published October 2013


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