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MCTC Student Gabriella Rosas

Student Gabriella Rosas Talks About Her Degree in Apparel Technologies.

It's no surprise that recent MCTC Apparel Technologies graduate Gabrielle Rojas grew up loving fashion. By age seven, she was modeling for her mother, a fashion designer. By age 12, Gabrielle was sewing at home.

"I grew up around textiles and trends," Gabrielle says of her early years in Mexico City. "I grew up drawing and designing,"

After her family arrived in Minnesota, the strong fashion environment in Mexico led Gabrielle to choose to study Apparel Technologies at MCTC. Upon arriving in Minneapolis, she searched for a college with a location like the one in which she was accustomed.

MCTC in downtown Minneapolis

^ MCTC's location caught Gabrielle's eye.

"I'm a city girl. MCTC is downtown. I was used to attending high school downtown in Mexico City."

She compared competing Twin Cities' apparel programs with MCTC's program and quickly concluded that MCTC had greater facilities available for students.

Also, MCTC featured a lower cost than the competing programs. Enrolled at MCTC, Gabrielle sensed a welcoming atmosphere.

"Everybody at MCTC was really respectful of each other," she says.

The convenience of the computer labs located throughout the school was a big plus.

From her early days on at MCTC, Gabrielle keeps a lasting memory of sitting along the giant windows on the second floor of Helland Center and looking out over Loring Park.

View of Loring Park from Helland Center at MCTC

^ The view inspired her. Sitting along those windows, she sketched apparel designs.

In Apparel design, the sketch always comes first.

Design Sketches at the MCTC Apparel Technologies Program

^ Some of Gabrielle Rojas Medel’s illustrations

While Gabrielle enjoys all parts of the fashion design process, the translation of the initial illustration -- the transfer of ideas onto paper -- is her favorite aspect.

"What I enjoy the most is drawing the first illustration. My creative side really comes out when I draw. You must design the garment before choosing the fabric."

The Apparel Technology program at MCTC provided Gabrielle access to a wide range of industry-standard tools.

Design Tools at the Apparel Technologies Program at MCTC

^ The MCTC Apparel Technologies Program features the latest 3D software for apparel design

"We are learning on the same equipment as a real-world workshop. This gives us the confidence to move forward into our careers."

Gabrielle found support and patience when interacting with her Apparel classmates.

"Everybody was on the same page," she says. "Each classmate was committed to every project."

She formed close friendships both inside and outside of school. These friendships have continued post-graduation.

Friendships at MCTC

^ Gabrielle Rojas Medel, center, with Apparel Dept classmates Hongman Li, right, and Keayin Kong at 2017 MCTC graduation


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