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Our Employees: Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp at MCTC

Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) is not just a place for classes and lectures. For Sarah Sharp, MCTC’s African American Education and Empowerment Program (AME) Student Coordinator, it has also been a place for opportunity and growth.

The year before enrolling at MCTC, Sharp realized she needed to do more with her life. “I can’t do this!” Sarah would repeat to herself during every shift she worked as a cashier. Her mounting discontentment with performing repetitive tasks and dealing with demanding customers led to her decision to apply at MCTC.

As a first-year college student, Sharp juggled working at Target, tutoring on campus, joining her first band as well as managing her 11-credit course load. She declared a Human Services major as she felt that helping people seemed like a rewarding career choice.

Sharp said,
“Becoming a student at MCTC expanded my world view, confidence and compassion for others.”

One challenging situation that led to growth occurred following her second spring semester.

She recalls,
“...at that time, (I) was staggering because I was consistently getting next to no sleep and had no down time.”

Then, Sharp’s Anthropology professor, Dr. Jay Williams, recommended she apply for a work-study position at the African American Education and Empowerment Program (AME). Sharp was hired that summer.

Sharp credits her AME work-study experience as being vital in shaping her ethnic identity as she found a group of people that celebrated the strengths of African American communities through discussions and events.

“I was shy and a little nervous about working at AME because I didn’t know if they would accept me based on my experiences of being multi-racial in ethnic-specific spaces.

“But before I knew it, I had a family away from home. They got me.”

Sharp’s dedication and hard work has taken her beyond becoming a successful student. Having graduated from MCTC with a 4.0 Grade Point Average, she is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Metropolitan State University.

And, in her full-time position as an MCTC Equity and Inclusion Division employee, she is able to help others in similar ways as she was helped as a student. She is actively contributing to improvements called for in the student letter of November 2015, which she signed as a student.


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