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Nurturing Students and Excellence in Teaching

Marcella Jones, MCTC math instructorThe highest honor earned by faculty members in the MnSCU system is the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching, given annually by the Office of the Chancellor. Marcella Jones, mathematics instructor at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, was one of two MCTC faculty members honored with the award this year.

“None of us possess the capacity to see what another person is capable of or has inside of them,” said Marcella, who aims to nurture each of her students and bring out talents that are sometimes unseen. 

“My students are the flowers in the garden of my life. As a gardener, I nourish and cherish the flowers,” said Marcella, sharing her teaching philosophy. “I have a bountiful harvest when each and every student has gained the mathematical self-confidence to successfully climb over any mathematical fence which lies between them and the achievement of their academic and career goals.”

Marcella began her college career at the University of Kansas. Prior to completing her bachelor’s degree, she took 11 years off to spend time with her children. She returned to college at MCTC (then called MCC) which set the course for her career. “The outstanding instruction I received prepared me so well for my subsequent classes at the University of Minnesota, I was ahead of the curve,” said Marcella.

When Marcella began teaching at MCTC in 1994, many of the instructors who had provided her wisdom when she was a student were now her valued peers. “Together, we nourish our students so they can advance in their education,” said Marcella.  

The Excellence in Teaching award recognizes achievements above and beyond the call of duty, and addresses important outcomes connected to student learning. “MCTC prides itself on academic excellence, and its faculty lead the way in making this possible,” said Phil Davis, president of MCTC.

Published April 2013


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