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Gregory Rose Gets His Students

Gregory Rose, art instructor at MCTC“I’m more comfortable teaching in an environment like MCTC. The students here are raw; they’re real.” Greg, an instructor of art, is a graduate of community college himself. He went on to attend Pennsylvania State University and later received his master’s degree at the University of Minnesota in Drawing and Painting. “I came to Minneapolis of all places for several reasons," he said. "One of them was because there were people like me at the local colleges.”

After working at Inver Hills Community College, Greg began instructing at MCTC. “I want my being here to bridge departmental divides,” he said. “My students want to bring their interdisciplinary talents to my classes, and I encourage that. If Minneapolis can be a community of diverse people, why not a community of diverse disciplines?”

Gregory Rose, art instructor at MCTC, and a studentGreg bridges borders in his own way: he writes and records hip hop in his basement in North Minneapolis, attempting to merge the sounds and rhythms of his east coast upbringing with Midwest collaborators. He also recently mentored young adults working on a mural project in North Minneapolis. “The kids involved in that project have been through some tough stuff," he said. "This year I saw one of them attending MCTC. I know my work changed the path of at least that individual.”

Greg also encourages students to continue their education outside of the classroom. “I tell my students to check out the exhibits at the other local art schools. I want them to see how they can be pushing themselves further. Sometimes they see ways they’re better artists, despite not paying the private school tuition.”

MCTC’s urban setting helps Greg push his students to pursue their interests outside of the classroom. “The Walker Art Center is right across the park. The Guthrie and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts are right here as well. What better place to live and work than right here in Minneapolis?”

Published December 2012


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