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Moving Forward with Life…and Moving Lives Forward

Dorris Carter-MurryAs a full-time employee at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Dorris Carter-Murry also works two other part-time jobs and is pursuing a degree in Human Services.

According to Carter-Murry, who was born in Chicago, the road to achievement has not been an easy one, “There were obstacles I had to overcome to get where I am today.” One of those obstacles was domestic violence. She said, “For several years, I was involved in an abusive and toxic relationship which robbed me of my self-esteem. Many times, I thought I would never escape my abuser but would become another statistic for domestic abuse-related deaths.”

Carter-Murry took this obstacle and turned it into an opportunity. She attended and completed domestic/sexual violence advocacy training while serving as a volunteer at a shelter for battered women. There, she learned about the patterns of behavior of abusers and the progression of abuse. “I thank God daily for bringing me through that terrifying situation. Now, my goal is to become an advocate for battered and abused persons so I can help people who live this horrible reality to break free.”

After moving to Minnesota in 2012, Carter-Murry enrolled at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, “I remember eagerly waiting for school to start and, at the same time, being apprehensive. The last time I had been in school was in 1987!” While earning her Criminal Justice degree with a grade point average of 3.0, she commuted from campus to work in St. Paul for more than a year. Then, according to Carter-Murry, “More opportunities arose and a miracle occurred. I applied for a position with Minnesota State and was invited to interview for a position in Central Scheduling at MCTC.” After receiving a phone call a few weeks later, she was offered the position “and, here I am!”

In spite of her intense schedule, Carter-Murry maintains a 4.0 grade point average and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa earlier this year. She said, “What I love most about MCTC, as a student and an employee, is that the staff, students and faculty are so real. There is definitely an atmosphere of love in this place.” Reflecting on her journey, Carter-Murry said she realizes how far she has come but still has far to go. “Today, as part of Central Scheduling, I move furniture,” she said. “When I complete my degree, I will be moving lives and I can move lives now by being an inspiration to those whose paths I cross.”

Interim Executive Director of Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Jay Williams commented about Carter-Murry, “She is a true model of persistence and grit who is dedicated to showing a kind regard for community members. We are lucky to have her here!” Through her spring semester Promoting Systems Change class, Carter-Murry worked on a group project advocating for MCTC’s homeless students by proposing a change that would provide all students with access to campus showers. She said, “It is my goal to serve my community with compassion and integrity wherever I am and through whatever I do.”

Published September 2017


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