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Student Services

School Shopping Questions

Questions you want to answer before signing for a school

  • Does the school provide the training I need?
  • How many credits do I need to get certification/diploma/degree to graduate from the school?
  • How expensive the program that I intend to complete in this school?
  • Does the school offer financial aid?
  • Does the school have up-to-date facilities and equipment required for my education?
  • Does the school provide job placement services? Are these services listed in the information package I received?
  • Does the school offer work-study opportunities?
  • Can I get the courses I want at times to fit my schedule?
  • If I need to improve my language skills, can I get the required courses as part of my training?
  • To find out about the reputation of the school get answers to the following questions:
  • How many students who begin a program actually complete it and graduate?
  • How many graduates find jobs doing the work they were trained for?
  • If professional certification is required for employment; how many students enrolled in that career program passed the required test and were certified?
  • You can add more questions to this list!
  • Do not rely on the school's representative for all the information. You may be talking to a "counselor" who is paid for every student enrolled.