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Apprenticeship Opportunities

What is apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a formal system of employee training that combines on-the-job training with related technical instructions. Minnesota Apprenticeship Program allows employers to create their own apprenticeship program that provides apprentices with the specific skill training and job related theory tailoring to the company's needs. People who enroll into the apprenticeship program are called apprentices. Apprentices have the opportunity to learn an occupation, gain valuable skills and knowledge which makes them more marketable in the future, earn a good wage, receive great fringe benefits and have a sense of job security.

Who is eligible to enroll into the apprenticeship programs?

High School graduate or GED is required, must be at least 18 years of age, and be US Citizen or eligible non-citizen.

For more information on apprenticeship programs call

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Division of Apprenticeship
(651) 296-237

Other resources:


Book: Career Opportunities Through Apprenticeship.
Describes 16 trades and the process for applying for an apprenticeship. Free from the Division of Voluntary Apprenticeship, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (651) 296-2371


  • Builders Association of the Twin Cities (651) 697-1954
  • Minnesota Builders Association (651) 646-7959
  • Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau (651) 647-6478
  • National Association of Home Builders (800) 368-5242
  • Women in the Trades (651) 228-9955
  • Women Venture (651) 646-3808