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Student Services

Change or Update Your Major

It’s important that your MCTC student record reflects your current major. If you need to change your major, add or remove a major, or update the catalog year you are following for your program, you will need to submit a Change of Major request form.

You should meet with your Academic Advisor if you’re considering a change of major. Your chosen major determines the courses for which you can receive VA benefits and may also impact your financial aid eligibility.

Submit a Change of Major request

What you need to know about changing your major

  • Some majors have a separate admissions process. Meet with your Academic Advisor for more information.
  • Certain programs require students to pass a criminal background check. If you’ve been arrested, charged, or convicted of any criminal offense, check with your Academic Advisor first.
  • Majors that consist of fewer than 16 credits are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Veterans: If you are receiving Veteran’s Benefits, you must also notify the MCTC Veterans School Certifying Official of your program change.
  • International Students: You must also notify an MCTC Designated School Official (DSO) of your program change.

How will I know when my major has been updated?

You’ll be notified by email once your major has been updated. If you submit your request electronically, please allow 2-3 business days for processing. Paper forms submitted in person are usually processed immediately. Forms submitted by mail or email will be processed 2-3 business days after being received.

To view your interactive degree audit, log into MCTC eServices and select Grades and Transcripts. You should see your updated major(s) listed. Contact the Student Services Center at 612-659-6250 or Ask Us!

Nursing majors: If you are adding or changing to Nursing, your major will be Pre-Nursing until you have been fully accepted to the program.

Get your transcript evaluation updated

If you have previously had an official transcript from another institution evaluated by MCTC, and think that you may need to have it re-evaluated toward the requirements for your new program, contact the Student Services Center online to request a transcript re-evaluation. Make sure to include in your request which transcript(s) you would like to have re-evaluated.