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Apply for Graduation

You must apply to graduate in order for any degrees, diplomas, or certificates you’ve earned to be reflected on your transcript. MCTC does not charge a graduation application fee.

Are you ready to apply for graduation?

Before you submit your graduation application, make sure to review your interactive degree audit in eServices and verify the following:

  • Degree, major and catalog year are listed correctly
  • Transcripts from other colleges/universities have been evaluated
  • All academic petitions have been recorded on the degree audit
  • The message at the top of your audit reads “All requirements completed or in progress” or “All requirements identified below have been met.”

Meet with your Academic Advisor to review your degree audit prior to submitting a graduation application and discuss any possible issues that may prevent program completion.

How to apply

Submit a graduation application for each degree, diploma, or certificate you complete during the last semester of your program or as you complete certificate requirements. You must apply by the deadline, otherwise your application will be processed for the next semester.

Graduation application deadlines

  • Spring: February 15
  • Summer: June 15
  • Fall: October 15

Deadlines that fall on a weekend or holiday will be extended to the next business day.

Graduation application

Graduation applications are also available in the Admissions and Advising Office (T.2500) and the Student Services Center. Completed applications can be submitted in person to the Student Services Center (T.2200), or submitted as a PDF attachment online.

Download the MCTC Graduation Application

What to expect

Unless you have requirements left to complete, you won’t receive updates on the status of your graduation application until the semester you applied for has ended. However, every effort will be made to notify you of outstanding requirements before the deadline to add courses for the upcoming semester.

Final graduation review begins once all grades for the semester have been finalized. You will be notified of the outcome of your final graduation review approximately 4-6 weeks after the end of the semester for which you have applied.

Graduation awards

The degree, diploma, or certificate you've earned is also called your award. Your display award is the printed, ceremonial document that is presented with a cover.

Display awards reflect the name (or preferred name) that is on your student record.

If you graduated...

You will be notified of the result of your graduation review by...

Your display award will be mailed to you by...

 Spring  June 30  July 31
 Summer  August 31  September 30
 Fall  January 31  March 1
Make sure to keep the address on your student record updated to avoid delays. If you have an active hold on your account for a balance owed to the college, MCTC will not send your award until the hold is resolved. Log into eServices to update your mailing address or to see if there are holds on your account.




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