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Student Services

File a Report of Sexual Violence


Contacts, Resources, and How to File a Report

What do I do if I have experienced sexual violence or sexual harassment on campus or involving MCTC?

File a report

To submit a report of sexual violence that involves two or more MCTC community members (students, staff, faculty, administrators), you may do so using our online system, Campus Eye, or submitting a report in person.


To submit an online report of sexual violence, please visit the Campus Eye website and follow the instructions.

MCTC Community members may also download the mobile application for making reports. Download the app for an Apple device or Android device.

  • Reports may be submitted anonymously or with your contact information.
  • If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.


You may submit a report in person by meeting with the specified student or employee contact listed below.

Student contact

Maya Sullivan
Director Student Support Services & Compliance/Title IX Coordinator
Location: T.2300
Email: maya.sullivan@minneapolis.edu
Phone: 612-659-6749

Employee contact

Dianna Cusick
Chief Human Resources Officer and Director of Legal Affairs
Location: K.1100
Email: dianna.cusick@minneapolis.edu
Phone: 612-659-6319

Public Safety

For immediate concerns or emergencies while on campus please contact Public Safety

Location: Public Safety, R.3100 (public safety desk is located on the parking ramp side of the T Building skyway)
Phone: 612-659-690


If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, you may contact Counseling Services and schedule an appointment at 612-659-6709 or with the Student Health Clinic at 612-626-4828.

Additionally, you may find these resources helpful. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and appearance on the list does indicate a recommendation by MCTC.