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Student Services

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) handles issues that the Student Conduct Officer and Student Complaint Officer address. OSRR is part of the Student Support Center, located at T.2300.

Student Complaint Officer

The Student Complaint Officer manages the MCTC Student Complaint Process. Students may file student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances involving the MCTC community. Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve their issue with the relevant individual prior to filing a Complaint or Grievance; however, we realize this may not always be possible or proper.

The Student Complaint Officer conducts an Initial Interview regarding all Complaints and Grievances received. Conducting the inquiry may include interviewing Complainants (complaining parties) and/or or other persons with knowledge of the situation. It is important that students provide background documents and information, such as a syllabus if the Complaint/Grievance is about a course.

No investigation will be conducted for student Concerns. However, the Student Complaint Officer will respond to all submitted student Concerns and advise the relevant department of the Concern.

Please note: It is violation of college policy to retaliate against a student for filing a concern, complaint or grievance.

Student Conduct Officer

The Student Conduct Officers at MCTC serve as the principal college conduct officers and meet with students regarding violation of college policies. The Student Conduct Officers also serve as a resource to College departments in matters concerning due process issues related to student conduct/discipline; responding to concerns of faculty, staff, students and/or parents regarding the Student Code of Conduct.

The Student Conduct Officer also:

  • Oversees the College conduct system based on the Student Code of Conduct, including both behavioral and academic dishonesty;
  • Maintains disciplinary record-keeping process in compliance with College policy on student records;
  • Investigates student behavior and interprets College policy in relation to student behavior;
  • Ensures College policies and procedures reflect state and federal policies regarding conduct issues; and
  • Develops and implements training programs to educate the College community about the Student Code of Conduct, conduct process, conflict resolution skills and other matters related to OSRR work


The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities offers a mediation program, R.O.O.T. Resolving Our Own Troubles. Initially, some individuals participating in the Student Complaint Process will be offered this option. This program is available on a voluntary basis for students prior to filing certain complaints or grievances or after certain complaints or grievances have been filed.  Any student/student or student/employee group may request mediation if it involves in issues within the MCTC community.

Generally, mediation is an opportunity for the people involved to attempt to resolve their issue(s) with the help of a neutral 3rd party. MCTC’s program uses the Transformative Mediation approach. This approach helps parties figure out what people are doing and why they are doing it. It also creates the “greatest likelihood that both parties will be genuinely happy with the outcome and the process.” It does this by placing as much control as possible into the parties’ hands, “while providing the kind of support that helps them make the best possible decisions about what to do with their dispute.”

For more information about this mediation program, please download our mediation brochure. If you are interested in participating in the ROOT Mediation program please download this Mediation Request Form and submit it to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities located in T.2300 or by email at studentcomplaints@minneapolis.edu.

National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement

MCTC is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA). This means we are able to share reciprocity with all other states that are members of NC-SARA.

MCTC has a formal Student Complaints policy and procedure. If your issue can not be resolved using this policy and procedure at MCTC, you may contact the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. If you reside in another state, you will need to contact your appropriate state’s contact.


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