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Student Services

MCTC Intranet FAQ

What is the MCTC intranet?

The MCTC intranet is an internal website accessible only to current MCTC students and employees.

What information is in the MCTC intranet?

The intranet includes important information for students and employees, including information on services available to students and employees, documents and forms, and campus news and events. It also includes links to AgileGrad, D2L Brightspace, student email, eServices, MCTC Campus Card and other frequently accessed sites.

How is the intranet different from the MCTC website www.minneapolis.edu?

The MCTC website contains information for prospective students and the community. The MCTC intranet is the source of important information and news for employees and current students.

How do I access the MCTC intranet?

Visit https://my.minneapolis.edu and log in using your StarID username and password.

Is the intranet exactly the same for students and employees?

No. Based on your StarID login, the intranet displays different a different home page and navigation to students and employees tailored to their needs. Employees can view and access all information that is viewable to our students; however, some content is viewable only to employees. The student intranet homepage is shown below.

MCTC Student Intranet Homepage

How is information on the intranet updated or added?

Most content on the intranet is created and maintained by the campus departments that are responsible for the information and/or services. For content updates and suggestions, please contact that specific department’s director, faculty coordinator or dean. If you are unsure who to contact, or if you have questions you can send an email to webmaster@minneapolis.edu. We will respond in as timely a manner as possible.