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Find full time, part time, and work-study jobs and internships at www.collegecentral.com/minneapolis. Upload your resume to get it in front of many employers.  Find information about job fairs, career services events and access helpful job search and resume writing information. 

Networking is an opportunity to build authentic relationships with others, especially in the career field of your choice. There are multiple benefits of networking which include: gathering career information; becoming known in your career field; learning about internship and job opportunities; gaining insights on the job market, etc. Networking is a continuous lifetime skill that you will use throughout your career and by far the most effective job search strategy. Eighty percent of all jobs are actually found through networking. Networking can be intimidating, but becomes easier once you have more exposure to the opportunity.

Check out LinkedIn as it is a good place to connect and build authentic relationships.

Your resume and cover letter are documents that represents YOU on paper. Usually, your resume and cover letter are your first interaction with a company or hiring manager. It is very important to make sure you effectively communicate your skills and experiences in order to receive an interview for a job. Many students struggle in identifying their skills and representing those skills in a written document. Our goal is to help you develop your resume and cover letter to represent your skills and experiences as it applies to the job. 

Please, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a staff member in Career Services to get assistance in developing your resume and cover letter.

Below is an online video presentation on how to develop a proper resume and documents that will help you get started. 

Job Searching can be a long process as it takes time and effort. 
The job search process includes exploring career opportunities and identify skills; researching the market; applying for jobs using your application materials (resume, cover letter, etc); interviewing and negotiating salary; and starting a new position. 

Sometimes, you may go through this process several times before landing a job that is an ideal fit for you. Below are documents that will help you access and develop a job search plan.  

Now, it’s the time to showcase your skills and experiences during an interview, and explain how you are the ‘perfect fit’ for the organization. You have explained your skills and experiences on your resume, but now you need to present this information verbally.  It is always important to be prepared for an interview by conducting your research on the organization, practicing interviewing questions, preparing questions to ask the employer, and dressing appropriately for the interview.  Below is a list of resources that will help you achieve your goals when it comes to interviewing.

Visit the Big Interview Website to log in and use Big Interview. Big Interview is an online software application that allows students to develop interviewing skills by using a web camera to practice, record, and play back responses immediately.

You can also learn best interviewing techniques, gain access to other resources, and practice just about every question you’re likely to get in over 20 industries that will help you ace that next interview.

Using Career Services to Get Ahead


"When I started college, I didn't know what I wanted to study or what my skill level was. The Career Services staff helped me understand my strengths, areas for improvement, how to develop work ethics and how to network. I was able to drawn on their experience and knowledge base to get ahead in life."

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$3.3 Million Grant Means Customized Training for Pioneer Press, Gedney Foods

Training at MCTC.

With help from a $3.3 million MN Job Skills Partnership grant to MnSCU, MCTC's Division of Continuing Education and Customized Training will provide uniquely designed programs for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Gedney Foods.

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