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Paying for College

Work Study

Minneapolis Community and Technical College offers a number of employment opportunities both on campus and in the community to help you earn money to use toward your education. If you have completed the FAFSA and demonstrate financial need, you may be eligible for work study positions.

By participating in the work study program, you will gain hands-on experience in your field before graduating. Working on campus or in the community will provide you tremendous learning opportunities outside the classroom, as well as the convenience of being able to tailor your work schedule around class time.

Apply for a work study position

  1. Register with the Job Bank and create an account.
  2. Work with Career Services to develop a resume and prepare for a potential interview process.
  3. Apply for positions you are interested in through the Job Bank and contact the department supervisor to let them know you are interested and have applied.
  4. If the supervisor makes the decision to hire you, they will submit a Student Worker Request Form (SWRF) to Financial Aid.
  5. Financial Aid will create an Authorization to Work, and notify your supervisor when it is available for pick-up and signature.
  6. You may be required to complete the forms I-9 and W-4, which will require documents to verify your eligibility to work in the US (e.g., ID, passport, birth certificate, social security card, etc.).
  7. Once you have received your Authorization to Work, your supervisor may request a timesheet and schedule you to begin working.

Work study contacts

Current students, if you have questions about the work study process or if you need help, please contact Financial Aid or Career Services.



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