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You can review a list of available courses currently being offered as concurrent enrollment at area schools, but any other Minneapolis College courses that fit into your school’s schedule can be considered.  Minneapolis College’s course descriptions give a broad sense of course contents, outcomes and prerequisites.

In many cases high schools can align courses with AP, IB and other courses, but in all cases, Minneapolis College course descriptions, outcomes, assessments and requirements must be met in order for the course to be offered for Minneapolis College credit.

Instructors must meet qualifications set forth by Minnesota State and by the Higher Learning Commission in order to teach a course for concurrent enrollment.

Generally, liberal arts course instructors must:

  • Hold a master’s degree:
      • in the discipline to be taught or
      • that contains at least 18 graduate level credits in the discipline to be taught.
  • Education courses that include the discipline will not necessarily be considered for meeting the requirements
  • Minnesota State requirements may add additional conditions to teaching particular courses.

Career and technical courses often have different requirements, which vary by the course. Instructor requirements for career and technical courses often include work experience in the field, usually with at least one year of the work conducted within the last five years.

High school instructors who would like a review of their transcripts before applying are welcome to email copies of their transcripts to Sandra Gonzalez.

Administrators or teachers who disagree with the Minneapolis College evaluation of the transcripts may dispute the finding and Minneapolis College may choose to re-evaluate with additional reviewers.

To apply to teach in the concurrent enrollment program:

  1. Fill out the concurrent enrollment instructor application form.
  2. Submit transcripts of your bachelor’s and your master’s degrees.
  3. Submit a resume with all relevant experience

MCTC will review the materials and the applicant will receive a letter with approval or non-approval. Instructors should understand that an application denial is always a reflection of whether the credentials meet the requirements – it is not a reflection of whether the College considers the applicant a successful or effective instructor.

If You Don’t Meet Credential Requirements

The Minnesota State legislature has set aside funds to help pay for master-level courses taken by high school teachers who need additional coursework in order to meet concurrent enrollment requirements.
The courses can be done completely on-line, and instructors can apply for funding, which will cover up to 18 credits at the graduate level.
These are program contacts:

  1. Jolene King, Lakes Country Service Cooperative (LCSC) 218-737-6521
  2. Karla Wenger, Graduate Office 218-477-2344
  3. Boyd Bradbury, 18 Online Liaison 218-477-2341
  • All textbooks to be used in an Minneapolis College concurrent enrollment course need to be approved by Minneapolis College.
  • Proposed textbooks are submitted as part of the instructor application.
  • If an instructor meets qualifications, but the textbook does not, the College will require the district to purchase an appropriate textbook in order for the class to move forward.
  • In all cases, the textbooks used for concurrent enrollment courses need to be listed as college-level by the respective publishing company.
  • Minneapolis College requests high schools consult with the Minneapolis College mentor-liaison when course textbooks come up in school rotation for textbook replacement.

Concurrent enrollment instructors have three major responsibilities:

  • Teach the Minneapolis College course according to the course’s content, outcomes, assessment requirements.
  • Help facilitate, when needed, student enrollment and course evaluations
  • Participate in professional development opportunities. This will include sessions with an Minneapolis College faculty-liaison and Minneapolis College-sponsored activities.


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