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Educational Programs

Concurrent Enrollment

College NOW is MCTC’s concurrent enrollment program, allowing students to take MCTC courses offered at their own high schools during the normal high school day.

Courses are taught by credentialed instructors at the high school. Students who qualify can register with MCTC and earn college credits before they graduate from high school. Students in concurrent enrollment courses earn both MCTC and high school credits.


  • Available courses
  • Before starting
  • Qualifications
  • Apply
  • Dropping or withdrawing
  • Transfer of credits
  • Student handbook
  • Contact us

For High School Partners, contains:

  • Application process
  • If you don’t meet credential requirements
  • Instructor qualifications
  • Potential courses
  • PowerPoint for new concurrent enrollment instructors
  • Responsibilities
  • Textbooks
  • Contact Us

For High School Partners, contains:

  • Enrollment instructions
  • Research
  • Student readiness
  • Transfer of credit
  • Why students must meet minimum qualifications
  • Contact Us


  • Concurrent enrollment facts
  • Courses in concurrent enrollment
  • Mentor-liaisons
  • Contact Us


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